Customize Applications
Quickly and Easily

All the Tools You Need

Beesion’s low-code platform has a rich set of tools for configuring telecom applications, all in runtime:

  1. Integrate data sets quickly – from any source
  2. Use workflow models, decision tables and other graphical (or visual tools) to configure business logic
  3. Configure reports, screens, and other user interfaces with point-and-click functionality
  4. Deploy to multiple environments, on-premise and in the cloud

Best of all, non-developers can change application behavior because little to no custom code is needed.

low-code platform helps doing changes on the fly without the need of developers

Integrate Data from Multiple Sources – Without Coding

With Beesion, you can move data from one place to another in runtime, saving you lots of time and effort.  Using our graphical editors, you can expose and introspect APIs and other services and create a data import object model and ETL model,  all in memory, without any code.
with low-code platform you can move data from one place to another all in runtime, not code

Configure and Change Business Logic Quickly

Gone are the days when business rules are buried deep in your custom code, requiring skilled coders to uncover and change. With Beesion, you can configure business logic with our extensive set of visual tools: workflows, screens, objects, rules, and more. When requirements change, you can make all of the needed changes on the fly, with “in-memory” configuration.
low-code platform enables in memory configuration

Build Reports, Screens and UIs Easily

Create reports and screens quickly, using point-and-click functionality. Beesion’s visual functionality lets you modify just about any application screen with just a few clicks. Configure for mobile devices too.
Create reports easily with Beesion's low-code platform

Deploy Application Updates Automatically

Manage the development, delivery, and update of your telecom applications efficiently. With advanced version control tools and preset deployment connectors, you can automate changes, and update the latest version to multiple environments, on-premise and in the cloud. Plus, red lights on your screen will show you any integrity problems, before you hit submit.
Update your applications efficiently with Beesion's low-code platform

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