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Modify Beesion Applications with Little to No Custom Code

Use Included Tools

Beesion’s low-code platform, Swarm, has a rich set of tools for changing all of Beesion’s telecom applications.

Any business analyst – within your IT department or support team – can use these embedded tools with just a month or two of training:

  • Connect with new systems: Integrate new or different data sets quickly from just about any source
  • Change processes: Change business logic using workflow models, decision trees, and procedures
  • Update the UI: Modify and update end-users” screens
  • Build different reports: Alter and extend existing reports and dashboards
Make application changes and then deploy. With Beesion’s low-code platform, you can push the changes automatically to on-premise or cloud environments. No large deployment teams are needed.
with low-code platform you can move data from one place to another all in runtime, not code

Integrate with New (and more) Back-end or Third Party Systems

Update and Integrate Data Sets

Connect with new systems or vendors within hours. Using Beesion’s included tools, you can update data sets, external data sources, data transfer destinations, as well as manage all data mapping and transformation. Publish APIs and introspect external APIs from any source.

Plus, you can plug in or even generate your own SOAP web services and REST APIs easily. Or connect with:

  • Web services
  • Iframes
  • Messaging
  • Enterprise Service- Bus
  • Excel, CSV & Flat Files
  • Database Transfers
  • Ad-hoc connectors

Change Processes, Decision Rules and Procedures

Update Business Logic Quickly
Gone are the days when business rules are buried deep in your custom code, requiring skilled coders to uncover and change. With Beesion’s low-code platform, you can update business logic by modifying workflows, decisions trees, procedures, and much more.

Make business rules changes on the fly, even while the application is running.

low-code platform enables in memory configuration
Create reports easily with Beesion's low-code platform

Change User Interfaces Easily

Screens, Reports & Dashboards
Update screens to accommodate new requirements. Or, just make them more usable and responsive. Easily change UI components, such as:

  • Change UI controls (grids, panels, tabs, radio buttons, drop drowns, bread crumb trails, etc.)
  • Change screen layouts and location of components
  • Change style sheets
  • Change fields
  • Add data filters
  • Make other look and feel changes

Deploy Application Updates Automatically

Make your changes on the fly, while the application is running.  Then manage the development, delivery, and update of your telecom applications efficiently. With advanced version control tools and preset deployment connectors, you can automate changes, and push the modified application to multiple environments, on-premise or in the cloud. Plus, red lights on your screen will show you any integrity problems, before you hit submit.

Update your applications efficiently with Beesion's low-code platform
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