Telecom Reverse Logistics Application

Manage Reverse Logistics from One Portal

Efficiently manage, control and track the reverse logistics process for all your wireless, cable or telecom retail stores, warehouses, and locations nationwide. Beesion’s low-code software enables your team to easily manage reverse logistics procedures for device repair, trade-in, disposal, or warranty claims. Plus, as processes change, update the telecom reverse logistics application easily with visual editors, not custom code.


Reduce operational costs by having a clear picture of the time/resources it takes to repair devices according to channel, location, manufacturer and other factors. Also integrate with manufacturers’ repair facilities. Manage each step in the telecom reverse logistics process more efficiently with clear visibility into every action taken, when devices leave the store.


Increase customer satisfaction by proactively notifying customers about the state of their repairs providing realistic quotes for their trade-ins, and managing their disposal of their devices, batteries, and more.

Cost Savings

Identify opportunities for cost savings with reports on device reliability, repair volume, and many other factors.

Feature-Rich Telecom Application. Quick to Launch and Modify

  • Guard assets better with proper device labeling and tracking; integrate to label printers and barcode scanners
  • Coordinate multiple internal or external repair groups with workflow tools, task assignments, and performance control
  • Control SLA of overdue repairs with alarms and escalations
  • Increase satisfaction by proactively notifying the subscriber on the progress of their repair or warranty claim
  • Trigger eligible corrective actions considering subscriber’s value
  • Get complete process visibility
  • Integrate with manufacturer’s reverse logistics system
  • Speed up identification and ordering of cataloged replacement parts
  • Ensure maximum service quality with a step-by-step guide
  • Generate reports and get trends to analyze device reliability
  • Value used devices for resale into secondary markets

And More….

Beesion applications are up to 5x quicker to install than traditional software development. That’s because Beesion pioneered a low-code platform where:

  • Little to no custom code is needed
  • Applications are configured in runtime, using visual tools and “in-memory” configuration
  • Integrations are quick, using a rich set of connectors

With the exception of the “analysis” phase, every phase of the software development lifecycle is significantly shorter.


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It doesn’t take long to update and modify Beesion’s low-code software applications. In fact, many modifications can be done in hours. Little to no custom code is needed.  Plus, changes can be made by anyone with a little technical know-how, including:

  • Business analysts
  • Marketing operations managers
  • Operations and IT employees

Each application is configured with visual tools, including:


All changes are done using “in-memory” runtime configuration. No compiling is needed.

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Integrates Quickly

Maximize the value of Beesion applications by integrating with other Beesion applications or third party solutions. Either way, integration is fast.
Repair Service works well with:

Retail Store Sales

Customer Care

Enterprise-grade Architecture


Higly Configurable Decoupled Solutions


Optimized for High Volumes of Data and Users

Platform Independent

Deploy on Either Windows or Unix Environments


Support for Multi-Tenant Managed Environments


Proven, Strong and Multilevel; OWASP Inspired

Multi-Device UX

Rich Responsive Web and Mobile Applications


Designed to Run in Farmed or Virtualized Servers


Simpler Deployment and Environment Admin


Adapt to Regional Currency Requirements

Based on Open Standards

JS, HTML5, SOAP/REST, BPMN, SQL, ElasticSearch

Fault Tolerance

Quickly Recover After Unexpected Disruptions


Support Multiple Languages without Coding