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The End of the Build vs Buy Dilemma

Modify a Beesion BSS Application with Little to No Code

Now it’s Build + Buy

There was something called Build vs Buy Dilemma. A dilemma faced by a company that was about to introduce a new software to its operation: should build it in-house or buy it from a vendor?

Neither one of them were the perfect choice. Both ways had their pros and cons at the same time. Building software in-house allows a high level of customization, but it is a slow process and costs higher in the long term because it requires resources to develop, maintain and evolve.

Buying it from a vendor is cheaper and faster in the short term, but when your company wants to bring new product & services to the market, your business applications will require customizations and changes.

These changes tend to be limited, costly and sluggish. Your company will not follow market dynamics.

With Beesion there will be no dilemma, you get the best of both worlds. We build our software based on our experience in the telecommunication industry and then our software solutions can be modified using a Low-Code development platform. This allows you to evolve or customize your application with your internal IT staff.

Change your Application Visually

Our solutions are built with a microservices architecture. Some microservices can be modified by you and override business rules, parameters or flow within the application. Your own modifications will have forward compatibility.
Drag-and-Drop and Point-and-Click to build and modify components of your enterprise application. Make changes on the spot, the platform analyzes all models and refactors dependencies.

The visual editors are for building Architecture, API Methods, Entity Relationship Models, Mapping and Transformation, Interaction Processes, Business Rules, Web-responsive UIs, Deploy Environments and more.
Create workflows with an embedded BPM.

Integrate APIs with No Code

Within Beesion software solutions, REST/Open APIs is the default integration method to connect with any third-party service.
Also, there is a number of out-of-the-box connectors for cloud services, to traditional systems, including SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others.

Other features are: autogenerated APIs Swagger definition, introspect and consume any API Swagger definition, maps to and from different data and transport protocols, and many other legacy methods are supported (SOAP, eb-sockets, iFrame, XML, FTP, etc.).

Adapt your Portals and Mobile Apps

Product and services change, you should update your frontends accordingly. Customize your business application portal or your mobile app to your branding and styling guidelines, link content, and embed other resources.
Avoid duplicating business logic or data, integrate your mobile app directly with the same BFF (Back-end-For-Front-end) microservices as the web portals.

Generate Code in Any Language

Create, modify and deploy complex enterprise-grade applications in multiple technologies.

Object-Oriented or Functional: Node.JS, Java, .Net, C#
Relational DBs: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Non-Relational DBs: MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch
Uniform, rich, high-performing, responsive HTML5/CSS3 JavaScript UI.

Automatically generate standardized, well-structured and self-documented code.

Deploy in the Cloud

Manage the development, delivery, and update of your telecom applications efficiently. You can adopt Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices in your organization with Beesion solutions. All teams involved can work in the same code: your team, Beesion’s and the one from a System Integrator. They can work together with no conflict through GIT.
Run application code generation, compiling, and deployment simply with a few clicks.

Make your changes on the fly, while the application is running. You can automate changes, and push the modified application to multiple environments, on-premises or in the cloud.

Beesion enables your company to release a constant flow of software updates into production to quickly update your business. With short release cycles and lower costs.

Beesion develops its application and solutions using Blazedpath Low-Code Development Platform. ​​

Click here to learn more about blazedpath.

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy