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Why Telecom Companies Choose Beesion

Subscribers can’t wait. Innovate Fast!

They want new digital services, new products, and better ways to connect with each other and their service provider.

But most code-based BSS systems take years to launch, or even update. That’s why Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators – in 20 countries – choose Beesion. Beesion’s low-code applications launch up to 5x quicker than traditional software. Plus, they are easy to change. Many processes and GUI updates can be made in minutes, using drag-and-drop tools. With Beesion’s low-code platform, all types of digital services are possible, quickly. Innovate Fast!.

Up to 5x Faster Time-to-Market

All applications are built with prebuilt software modules and are configured visuallywith drag-and-drop tools. Not custom code. This saves heaps of time. In fact, most solutions and applications launch up to 5x quicker than traditional development.

Quick Integration With Legacy Systems

Applications integrate seamlessly with back end and third-party systems, using a wide range of connectors. Plus, they feature an adaptive, proven business layer that works with all the major billing systems.

Easy to Update and Change

Use drag-and-drop functionality and visual tools to customize applications. Many processes and interfaces can be updated in minutes.  Just configure in runtime and then push to production.

Make Changes on the Fly

Business rules, workflows, data models, and user interfaces can be created or modified on the fly, using drag-and-drop functionality. SOAP web services and REST APIS can be plugged in too.  Configure in runtime without coding or compiling.

Deploy Anywhere - Even Straight to Production

Deploy straight to production and manage all validation, staging and training environments. With one click, the application is deployed on premise or in the cloud. Any updates are automatically propagated.

Minimal IT Resources Needed

Many application changes can be executed without IT support. Marketing or business managers can make updates, like adding/deleting a vendor, changing a process or sub-process, or updating a GUI.

Lower Opportunity Cost

Since Beesion’s software launches quickly, the time saved translates into a lower opportunity cost.  Telecom companies can implement new business strategies and operational improvements on time, or even before they expected. 

Supports Fast Business Regionalization

Multi-tenant software. Low-code applications can be replicated in other countries, or for other subsidiaries, using core modules and minor customizations for each country/subsidiary.

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy