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Catalog-Driven Order
Management Software

Easily fulfill large volumes of telecom orders.

Plus, handle complex orders efficiently, without costly errors or order fallout.

Order Fallout and Missed Opportunities

The sale seems to be going well. And then…. surprise. The customer isn’t really eligible for the offer. Or, a resource code isn’t in the format that the inventory system expects. And the order falls out.

The problem: there’s no enterprise-wide product catalog that serves as the single master, determining how all devices, rate plans, services, products, and everything else, is processed.

Beesion: True Catalog-Driven Order Management

Beesion’s low-code Telecom Order Management software leverages true catalog-driven order management to fulfill orders successfully and prevent costly order fallouts. It handles large volumes of orders – and very complex ones – by decomposing orders into various suborders. It then addresses all dependencies, making sure everything is fulfilled sequentially, with the exact steps and conditions outlined in the enterprise-wide product catalog.

The result: less order fall-outs and quicker time-to-market for new products (including IoT and 5G services) Beesion’s Telecom Order Management software uses low-code technology, so it’s quick to deploy, support, and change.

Address Every Aspect of the Ordering Process in One Low-Code Software Application

Beesion’s low-code Telecom Order Management software tightly integrates order entry and order validation, order decomposition, order orchestration, order control, and order analysis, into one easy-to-manage workflow. It reduces errors, eliminates manual activities, and connects seamlessly to your legacy systems, providing an end-to-end solution.
It can fulfill any order, any size, for any type of account: individual, business, and government. Plus, it complies with eTOM and SID standards to ensure best practices for integration with legacy systems.

  • Fulfill any service, product, or bundle in your Product Catalog
  • Support any type of order: sales, renewals, upgrades or changes, as well as orders with multiple items
  • Process orders from multiple channels: POS, CRM, collections and self-care
  • Make accurate and consistent predictions about order fulfillment
  • Manage cancellations efficiently and even rollback compensation
A picture of Beesion's Telecom Order Management software, using catalog-driven order management

Capture Orders from All Channels. Validate Them Too.

Process with omni-channel architecture 

web, telesales, in-store, mobile

Feed approved quotes

imports quotes directly from Quote Management application, avoiding double entry

Make sure orders can be fulfilled

compares order against credit analysis, inventory, engineering, and many other systems

Provide completion dates

estimate order fulfillment up-front, using predictive analytics

a picture of channels used in Beeesion's catalog-driven order management software

Decompose and Fulfill Complex Orders. Minimize or Eliminate Order Failure

Fulfillment Progress Tracker for a
Decomposed Order

a picture of a process tracker, using Beesion's catalog-driven order management software

Decompose Orders into Suborders

  • Deploys catalog-driven order management – breaks down orders into their logical parts, using the business rules and data housed in the company’s enterprise product catalog  (For example, a quad-play sales order with landline, internet, wireless and satellite can be broken down into four sub-orders. Then, each of these suborders would be fulfilled separately, using their own provisioning systems)
  • Allows prioritization – features a drag-and-drop business rules editor to set priorities for activations, suspensions, and other actions. No hand coding required

Orchestrate Order Fufillment Seamlessly

  • Orchestrates order fulfillment on multiple levels –  fulfills orders on the customer, account, subscription level
  • Connects directly to legacy systems – automates provisioning, installation, delivery, billing, and more
  • Uses synchronous/asynchronous interoperations to inform backend systems of every request to ensure proper order fulfillment and minimize order fall-out

Jeopardy management features and tools:

  • Delay and error alerts (on-screen, SMS, e-mail), as well as third-party systems downtime notifications
  • Automatic reattempts
  • Manual exceptions queue, plus manual override of provisioning parameters.

Control and Analyze
Your Telecom Orders in Real Time

Communicate Order Status
Throughout Lifecycle

charts showing how many orders were fulfilled properly, using Beesion's catalog-driven order management software

Monitor order fulfillment progress in real time

View any problems along the way with error reports and notifications.

Plus, view a wide-range of statistics to track:

  • Volume of orders processed in a time period – by order type, channel, sub-period, and status
  • Average order fulfillment time in a time period – by order type, number of items per order, specific order characteristic, channel, etc.
  • Order fallout rate in a period –  by order type, number of items per order, by specific order characteristics, channel, reason, etc.

And much more


Notify customers throughout the order lifecycle, plus tell sales teams about any delays or status changes. Confirm shipments with automated notifications

Support Large Volumes of Orders Easily

With a fully scalable architecture, Beesion’s Telecom Order Management application can support large volumes of orders:  landline, wireless, satellite, home automation, internet, etc.  – or all combined.

Orders can be fully audited and traced. Plus, should cancelations occur, the application can rollback compensation. It also features:

  • Bulk provisioning (for multi-line orders)
  • Execution queues with priorities and load balancing

Plus, get ready for the future


Sell and fulfill any virtualized resource for SDN/NFV that’s shared among services. Assign and reassign on demand for specific tasks.


Fulfill order for IoT devices and services listed in your Product Catalog – smartphone, home appliance, industrial machine, commercial terminal, consumer good, wireless dongle, or any other smart sensor or actuator.


Sell and fulfill orders for 5G devices like any other device.

Quick to Deploy and Expand

Software Sits on Top of Your Systems

There’s no downtime or disruption of services because Beesion’s Telecom Order Management software  sits on top of your systems, consolidating and orchestrating the data. Using a rich set of connectors, the software connects to any legacy system, as well as Beesion applications.

Follows TM Forum Standards

All Beesion applications are built using TM forum standards (eTOM) for orchestrating product, customer, and service network information.

Uses Beesion’s Low-Code Platform

Unlike traditional software, Beesion’s applications require little to no code. All customization is done in runtime, with a set of graphical editors, including workflows, process templates, and editing tools. Plus, it’s easy to change applications, when requirements change.

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