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Delivered from Start to Finish

Beesion builds and implements your BSS solution, following a proven methodology to honor work schedules and launch on time.

Start Smart

All implementations start with a detailed requirements definition, which Beesion uses to determine the best way to configure and deploy your specific BSS solution, module or enhancement.

Then, a rapid implementation plan is proposed and agreed. So you can be up and running up to 5x quicker.

Only possible thanks to Beesion’s groundbreaking technology that accelerates the software release cycle.

Free Up Your Teams

Beesion does most of the heavy lifting. Your teams will be asked to provide detailed information, business and technical definitions and validate Beesion deliverables. A designated project manager from your side will coordinate your internal efforts and will serve as the primary interlocutor for the project.

Completely Up and Running

For all applications, Beesion’s implementation services covers project management plus:

•    Detailed Solution Analysis and Design

•    Solution Integration Analysis and Design

•    Business Processes Configuration

•    Business Rules Configuration

•    Automatic Executions Configuration

•    Reports and KPIs Configuration

•    User Interfaces Customization

•    Data Interfaces Customization

•    System Environment Setup Assistance

•    Data Migration Assistance

•    Documentation Customization

•    User Acceptance Testing

•    Users, Roles, Accesses and Visibility Configuration

•    Post Implementation Review

•    Quality Assurance all along the way

Training Included

Once applications are installed, Beesion trains the trainer on how to:

  • Use the new applications
  • Configure applications for enhancing functionality, including reports, dashboards, business rules, business processes, pre-scheduled tasks, interface parameters and more
  • Administer applications for users, roles, accesses, setups, backups
  • Request and handle support

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