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4 Cornerstones of Implementation

Beesion incorporates four development strategies to ensure that your enterprise software can be launched fast, changed easily, and scaled across multiple sites. Working software is shown after every sprint, minimizing the risk that development is off-track.

The result: fast software implementations that meet the needs of the business 100% of the time.


Beesion focuses on incremental delivery, collaboration, and very short release cycles to ensures business continuity over long term business and IT transformation programs.


Little to no custom code is needed. Applications are created from pre-built modules and configured visually. The low-code platform automatically generates all the code and validations, compiles and deploys the solution pieces.


Beesion creates multiple smaller and scalable pieces of software dedicated to a single business capability. These pieces operate together with cloud-native technologies and services to form an enterprise-grade solution. Microservices are loosely coupled so they can evolve independently.


Beesion brings both software development and operations to the table to create a smooth continuous interaction between them, enabling new releases that incorporate critical feedback.

Shorter Releases & Continuous Delivery

Time-to-market is critical, whether it’s for the initial software deployment or subsequent ones. Thanks to Beesion’s low-code platform, each customization requirement is completed quickly, often in a single configuration step. Integration also takes far less time.

For example:

Beesion has mechanisms in place for quality, version control, and automatic testing.  It also uses Cloud-Native tools.

All of this helps make releases much shorter and continuous delivery a reality.

Cloud-Native Tools

Beesion solutions count on a number of cloud-native technologies and tools to support continuous delivery. These include:

  • Containerized deployment
  • Horizontal and vertical scalability managers
  • API service discovery
  • Communication gateways
  • Failover and circuit breakers
  • Redundancy and back-up

Specialized Development Teams

Beesion’s microservices teams have different expertise and are trained in Agile, Scrum and DevOps.

Beesion implementation teams are focused on a single business domain or capability, such as everything about fraud, or orders, or quotes.


Beesion oversees quality throughout the whole implementation process. Right from the start, Beesion checks requirements for soundness, helps turn them into well-defined user stories, and plan their release in a series of sprint iterations.
Although the Low-Code platform automatically runs most validations after each change, Beesion performs extensive testing to their deliverables:

 Unit Testing
 Integration Testing
 User Testing
 Load Testing
 Regression Testing

Working Software Models

Beesion can make user stories come to life in days.

For every sprint, microservices teams can configure the software models and automatically construct and test it, using the low-code platform. Then, they can show the software to the client for feedback.

This keeps the software development aligned with client needs.

No Lock-In

Beesion’s low-code platform generates standardized, well-structured and self-documented code. Should there ever be a need,  the source code (and code from every subsequent release) can be placed in escrow.  Or, alternatively, the client can purchase the low-code platform to continue supporting a Beesion solution on their own.

Training Available

Once applications are installed, Beesion trains the trainer on how to:

  • Use the new applications
  • Configure applications for enhancing functionality, including reports, dashboards, business rules, business processes, pre-scheduled tasks, interface parameters and more
  • Administer applications for users, roles, accesses, setups, backups
  • Request and handle basic support

Collaborate With Systems Integrators

Beesion works with some of the world’s top Systems Integrators (“SI”). They amplify Beesion’s reach and delivery capabilities.

They often provide valuable services like requirements gathering, configuration, change management, testing, quality assurance, project management, documentation, training, and more.

Beesion trains and partners with new SIs regularly

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy