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Beesion’s Low-Code Development Process

for building fully scalable applications, quickly

Step 1
Create a Model with Business Users

Beesion, IT and business users work side-by-side to build a visual model of the application, determining data sources, interfaces, processes and UI.

our low-code applications can be modifed or maintained with visual tools

Step 2
Construct Full-Stack Application with Beesion Platform, SWARM

Beesion builds the application using its large library of prebuilt telecom software modules. New modules can be created for data model extensions, engines, custom components, and connectors.

our low-code applications are created with prebuilt modules

Meta data, source code, and scripts are automatically generated, creating all application layers to work on multiple platforms and environments. Default configurations are pre-loaded.

Beesion's low-code applications are flexible
Configure in runtime with Beeesion's low-code platform

Step 3
Configure in Runtime without Code or Compiling

Business rules, work flows, data models and interfaces are created on the fly using drag-and-drop functionality. SOAP web services and Rest APIs can be plugged in too… all without any hand coding.
Business users can view the application and tweak. Modifications are done in real time using Beesion’s suite of visual runtime tools.

Step 4
Deploy Anywhere: Even Straight to Production

Deploy straight to production and manage all validation, staging and training environments. Use Beesion’s branched versioning feature for validation and approvals.
With one click, the application is deployed on premise or in the cloud. Any updates are automatically propagated.

Beesion's low- Code applications are configured using drag and drop tools

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