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Manage Credit & Collections from Pre-Sales to Post-Sales

Update software easily

Telecom Credit and Collections Software Suite

Use Three Low-Code Applications to Steer Credit and Collections Policies

Starting at pre-sales, use Beesion’s Credit Analysis software to check credit. Then, use Payments Management to collect subscriber payments and apply them to their accounts. Post-sales,  reduce bad debt and DSO with Beesion’s Collections Management software.

Payments Management

Collect & Apply Subscriber Payments

Plus, expand payments channels to ATMs, kiosks & more

Expand payments channels using Beesion's Credit and Collections Telecom Software

Collections Management

Collect Unpaid Invoices & Prevent Bad Debt

Address every stage of the recovery process

React to external and internal forces

With point-and-click tools, adjust applications to address market trends, customers’ payments behavior, and changing regulations and financial requirements.

Steer and control credit, payment, and collection policies.

All without custom code.

Improve Working Capital and Reduce DSO

Applications integrate with each other and legacy systems to create a single credit-to-cash workflow


Evaluate customer’s credit worthiness


Collect customer payments


Automate Payment Due Reminders


Send Warning Messages


Assign to Collections


Suspend service


Determine when to write off bad debt

Create More Effective Collection Policies With More Predictive Credit Scores

Make each application smarter and more predictive by sharing data about customers’ fit and behavior.
Shows how Beesion's Credit and Collections applications share data to better predict risk

Collect More Debt While Enhancing the Customer Experience

Use all three applications to create a secure online portal where subscribers can pay their debt in arrears without the intrusion of a collector’s call.

Subscribers can select payment plans and even receive discounts.  If they don’t honor their commitments, their service is automatically suspended.

To protect carriers’ margins, the portal extends more lenient payment terms to credit-worthy subscribers.

Set up a secure, online portal where subscribers can pay their telecom debt in arrears.  The portal displays all of a subscriber’s past-due invoices from every service line.  It then provides payment plan options, based on the subscriber’s value, credit limit, and other configurable factors.

Subscribers get a more private, convenient method to pay their debt(s), while carriers increase debt collections’ ratios. In fact, carriers can realize at least a 50% increase in the number of subscribers that honor their payment commitments via the debtors’ self-pay portal vs a phone call with an agent, per Beesion analytics.

Increase Convenience with a Self-Pay Debtors’ Portal

More Subscribers Honor Their Payment Commitment

Based on Beesion analytics, carriers can realize at least a 50% increase in the number of subscribers that will honor their payment commitments via the debtor’s self-pay portal

Balance Service Usage with Non-Payment Risk
With more predictive analytics and dynamic flexible applications, carriers can better control risk and collections activities, without poking customers in the eye. It integrates directly with Order Management.

Moreover, the software suite also is intelligent enough to handle corporate collections. Should a client have concerns about part of his bill and refuse to pay for specific services, the suite can shut off only the services that haven’t been paid, not the whole account.

No Pay, No Service

If the subscriber doesn’t pay on time, the account is deactived (subject to the carrier’s rules)

Quick to Deploy and Expand

Software Sits on Top of Your Systems

There’s no downtime or disruption of services because Beesion’s telecom credit and collections software sits on top of your systems, consolidating and orchestrating the data. Using a rich set of connections, the suite connects to any legacy system, as well as all Beesion applications.

Follows TM Forum Standards

All Beesion applications are built using TM forum standards (eTOM) for orchestrating product, customer, and service network information.

Uses Beesion’s Low-Code Platform

Unlike traditional software, Beesion’s applications require little to no code. All customization is done in runtime, with a set of graphical editors, including workflows, process templates, and editing tools. Plus, it’s easy to change the marketing applications, when requirements change.

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