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Low-Code Software

No more missed deadlines or waiting on change requests

Innovate Quickly

In telecom business, success is a moving target and change is the standard: new products, new services, new devices and customers change their behavior. The market demands customization and a fast response from Service Providers.

This has an impact in business support systems, BSS. These systems must adapt to the changes, and they must do it fast. Quick software delivery is required for both creating new applications or modifying existing ones or even for making a new system integration.

Beesion develops its application and solutions using Blazedpath Low-Code Development Platform. Low-Code development allows organizations to accelerate the speed of creation and deployment of applications and integrations, up to 10x according to Forrester, comparing to traditional software development methods. 

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Microservices Architecture → Enables Speed

Beesion broke away from traditional software development and now uses a Low-Code Development Platform, blazedpath, to build applications quickly.

Beesion Low-Code applications are developed on a distributed architecture of microservices, which can be implemented on-premises or cloud.

We engineered 100+ microservices available to use and combine. These microservices were created with telecom business in mind and each one of them were designed to handle simple actions related to business.

Beesion Low-Code Software

Quick to Launch

Easy to Change

Simple to Scale

Prebuilt Components

Creating functionalities takes far less time than traditional development because up to 95% of every application is pre-built with existing microservices, and then customized primarily with pseudocode visual tools. Only about 5% of the customization may require hand coding. That means less resources and less time needed.

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Configuration → Quickly

In Beesion’s software you can visually configure or change complex business logic using workflow models, decision tables and business rules, all on the fly and with “in-memory” configuration.

Scalability → Simple

The cloud-microservices architecture used by Beesion’s software allows rapid and selective scalability of virtualization-based components and containers. Each microservice can be scaled independently. 

Change → Easy

Microservices are decoupled, each one can have its own development life cycle. In the event of a need for change, only the corresponding microservice is modified. Smaller teams dedicated to each microservice work in parallel, bringing agility, so deployment of updates is accelerated.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate easily with all your legacy systems, external services and any other systems within your company.
Beesion’s software supports the TM Forum Open APIs iniciative as the main integration method. These are 50+ standarized REST-based APIs that enable end to end seamless connectivity, interoperability and portability across complex ecosystem based services.
It also supports a rich set of additional integration technologies that are available from an easy visual configuration tool that enable quicker implementation, support and maintenance: Web Services, Enterprise Service Bus, Database Transfers, iFrames, Excel/CSV/flat files, Ad-Hoc Connectors, Messaging, Security, Administration, Login and Authentication.

Deployment → Independent

Manage the development and update your applications seamlessly. With one click, you can update the latest version of the application to multiple environments, on-premises and in the cloud. Each service can be deployed independently without redeploying the entire application. Plus, red lights on your screen will show you any integrity problems.

Reports & Dashboards → Point-and-Click

Create reports, dashboards and screens easily with point-and-click functionality. Configure them for mobile devices too. Beesion’s functionality lets you quickly modify just about any application screen so it’s easy and intuitive for end-users.

Resilience & Availability → Automatically

If a microservice fails, the remaining functionality of the solution will remain at least partially available. Then automatic redundancy and diagnostic mechanisms will allow rapid recovery of failures.

TM Forum Frameworx Alignment

Beesion applications follow TM Forum Frameworx®  guidelines, the telecom industry blueprint for enabling successful business transformation:

  • Business Process Framework (eTOM)
  • Application Framework (TAM)
  • Information Framework (SID)
  • Integration Framework (Open APIs)

Enterprise-grade Architecture


Highly configurable loosely-coupled solutions that can really scale and support short-release cycles methodologies.


Optimized for high volumes of data and users.


Amazon AWS and other multi-tenant managed environments.


Proven, strong and multi-level. Using methodologies from OWASP


Designed to run on farmed or virtualized servers.


Deploy on either Linux/Unix or Windows environments.

Based on Open Standards

JAVA, NodeJS, JS/HTML5, RESTful, SQL and Non-SQL, Open APIs


Simpler deployment and environment admin.

Fault Tolerance

Quickly recover after unexpected disruptions.

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Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy