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Innovate Quickly with
Few IT Resources

BSS Telecom Software Built for Change

With Beesion’s low-code BSS telecom software, carriers and telecom companies can meet the demands of a rapidly changing competitive environment.

Each application is built with the company’s low-code platform. It’s:

  • Quick to implement – up to 5x faster than traditional development
  • Quick to integrate – uses prebuilt connectors and “in-memory” configuration
  • Easy to change – most customization is done in runtime with drag-and-drop tools
  • Easy to support – little to no custom coding is required

Beesion’s BSS telecom software is based on open standards. Learn more about it, see low-code platform.

Transform Business Operations & Innovate with Ease

Use Beesion’s BSS telecom software to automate processes, streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Manage processes better with applications like telecom Commissions ManagementDocument ManagementInventory Management, and others. You can also manage subscriber interactions more cost-effectively with applications like Marketing CampaignsCustomer Care, and Store Greeter.

Plus, create IoT and 5G rate plans and services faster with applications like Product Catalog, Order Management, and Offer Management. Beesion’s BSS telecom software applications have embedded drag-and-drop tools. So making adjustments and driving innovation is quick and painless.

Supplement or Replace your
Existing BSS

Add individual applications to supplement your existing technology. Or, implement the full suite of Beesion’s BSS telecom software. Applications sit on top of your existing technology, so there’s no disruption nor downtime. All are based on open standards.

Support the Entire Company

Enable Beesion solutions for every department: sales, customer care, collections, marketing and finance. Beesion counts 30 applications, and more are added regularly.

30+ BSS Telecom Applications

Whether it’s Mobile Self-Care, or Credit Analysis, or Reverse Logistics, chances are we have an application you need. We can customize any application quickly, or even build a new one from scratch.

Use One Platform for All BSS Telecom Software Applications

Deliver services, offers, and the experience your customers want – today and in the future. Beesion has low-code software applications to help you acquire subscribers, manage their experience, increase their revenue and reduce their cost. And, as business requirements change, you can update the application in hours or days….
without calling up the IT cavalry.

Product & Marketing

Innovate and Market
Your Offers

Revenue Management

Reduce Risk and
Improve Profitability


Enable Faster
Sales Cycles


Serve Customers


Improve Business

Generate Big Wins with Beesion Solutions

Use multiple Beesion applications to elevate the customer care and sales experience to the next level.

CRM: Customer Management 360°

CRM: Customer Management 360°  consolidates and orchestrates data from all your telecom systems into one platform. With a panoramic view of the customer, care and sales teams can expertly sell, upsell, retain, collect, follow up and address all customer issues.

POS Portal 360°

POS Portal 360° enables sales teams to sell, service and fulfill orders, all from one place. It provides a mobile or desktop portal that displays a 360°-view of the subscriber – account info, eligible offers and discounts, credit score, and more. And, it enables real-time actions like ordering, processing payments, and many others. So getting to yes is easier, check out is smooth, and fulfillment is integrated.

BSS-360° CPQ Solution

Beesion’s Telecom CPQ solution makes customized orders easy to quote and deliver.  It enables sales teams to guide subscribers to the products and services that best meet their needs, and then delivers them without fail. That’s because the solution consolidates, organizes and structures the vast array of telecom products, services, discounts, promotions, financing terms, and other considerations.

Telecom Credit and Collections Software

With Beesion’s Telecom Credit and Collections Software, your teams can steer and control credit and collections policies – and adapt them to changes in the business, economic climate, or marketplace.  The low-code software requires little to no custom code. So making changes to processes and customizing treatments is easy. Plus, with the software’s predictive analysis and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, managers can predict repayment scenarios far more accurately.  Then, they can develop individualized treatments to maximize recovery, with minimal service interruption.

Telecom Marketing Suite

Beesion’s suite of Low-Code Marketing Applications enables telecom companies to market to existing subscribers easily (as well as new ones). The software suite has applications to drive ARPU, build loyalty, and identify the issues that most concern your existing base. And since it’s built exclusively for telecom, the applications integrate seamlessly with all your legacy systems – billing, CRM, Inventory and more – making fulfillment a snap. Plus, getting real-time inputs is easily automated.

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy