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Becoming a Digital Service Provider Made Easy

Digital customers not only demand new digital services but also expect to have a seamless experience, regardless of which point of contact they use to interact with their service provider.
In a simple, efficient, and fast way.

Invest Smart. Invest in your Customers.


This is John. He is thinking about changing his mobile phone, upgrading his home internet speed and buying a new WiFi gateway.

He contacted the company on Twitter to ask some questions about costs and delivery options.

Right after, the process continued via a chatbot assistant on the company’s website. He easily bought a new phone there. In less than 2 minutes everything was done.

Later, at a coffee shop, he upgraded his home internet speed and asked for a new WiFi gateway using his Mobile Self-Care App. It was simple and fast.

At the end of the day, John was truly happy with the overall experience. Constantly switching interaction channels, he got what he needed with a huge time-saving.

The outcome: OPEX & CAPEX costs reduced, ARPU & ROI increaseD, and customer engagement rates boosted.

Ok, we all agree this is the happy story, right?

But, what are you actually facing every day when bringing products and services to the market?
Probably, some of the following scenarios might sound more familiar to you.


Many uncoordinated systems, difficult to integrate and costly to maintain. Implementing new processes or technologies takes you tons of time with high costs.


Your systems are limiting you to offer more options. Therefore, you are not only losing new sales but also seeing your remained loyal subscribers go away.

Customer Care

Many subscribers like chats and apps, some prefer automated assistants, others love phone calls, and so on. However, you are probably having trouble offering the same quality experience across all your channels. Further, you might not have all these options available.

Product Development/Marketing

The go-to-market of new products and services takes you ages. Every good idea faces your systems’ lack of flexibility. Meantime, your competitors go ahead.

We can help you
Jump-start your Digital Transformation Journey

Maximize your Investment While Delivering New Digital Experiences

Make the most of your existing backend systems, while your subscribers get a truly digital experience. Yes, there is no need to change your legacy systems. We can easily integrate with them and create a digital layer to sit on top of your existing technology. There’s no downtime or disruption of services.
Your organization will be able to add new digital channels, manage every interaction flawlessly, and drive a better relationship with your subscribers.

Improve your Customer Experience with Every Touchpoint

Every interaction matters. Orchestrating all interactions and providing a superior – and profitable – touchpoint is crucial. Enable all digital channels for intelligent customer engagement, switch them seamlessly and automate communications through their favorite digital channel: email, SMS, Social Media, A.I. Chatbots, IVR Systems, NLP Services, and more. Get a Real Omnichannel Experience, with a 360-degree view of your subscriber that will allow you not only to address their needs but also to anticipate theirs intends.

Provide Exceptional
Self-Service to Retain Customers

A poorly executed self-service has big costs. Customers want faster solutions to their problems and expect to manage their accounts on-the-go. It is not just about shaving call center costs, but it is a must-have for subscriber loyalty and reduces subscriber churn. A smart, robust, and constant fine-tuning self-service solution online and via mobile will empower your subscribers to complete any task on their own – with clicks, no calls – such as making payments, switching plans, getting help with technical issues, and much more.

Reduce Time-to-Market and Launch New Digital Services

Whether it’s new rate plans, bundles, business models, on-demand products, digital channels, 5G or IoT strategies, carriers should innovate quickly to be ahead of the competition. Digital customers expect to get what they want as soon as possible. Service providers must react at the same speed to meet the demands of a rapidly changing competitive environment. Launching and managing new products and services to the market or incorporating new interaction channels, require changes in your BSS systems. So, you need to adapt your systems quickly. The time saved translates into a lower opportunity cost.

Our Secret Sauce can Spice Up your ROI and TCO

Low-Code + Microservices Architecture + Cloud-Native

10x quicker to deploy, support, and expand than traditional development

Beesion is the pioneer of Low-Code BSS software specifically designed for the telecom industry. Its 30+ applications and integrated solutions are configured with a Low-Code Development Platform and built on a distributed cloud-native microservices architecture, that enables speed and fast responses to changes. Each microservice can be continuously developed and maintained independently with short release cycles and lower costs.

Due to its carrier-grade technology, applications are easy to launch, customize, update and modify – even on the fly- using drag-and-drop functionality. There is little to no hand-coding needed and fewer IT resources required. Last but not least, Beesion’s software integrates with all your legacy systems effortlessly.

Quick to Launch

Easy to Change

Simple to Scale

Cloud- ready


Easily Transform or Upgrade your Digital Service Capabilities.

Let’s reach together a happy ending for your story.