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Build Telecom Offers in Minutes

Use point-and-click tools, not code, to create any commercial offer

Telecom Offer Management Software

Launch and Manage Commercial Offers

Use Beesion’s Offer Management software to build a Commercial Catalog to build, launch, manage and retire offers.

  • Construct compelling offers for any segment, channel, date, or telecom division
  • Incorporate devices, IoT services, financing plans and any type of third-party service
  • Manage offer approvals, workflow, and lifecycle

The Commercial Catalog works hand-in-hand with your Product Catalog to bring offers to market. It also can be part of a CPQ solution.

It uses Beesion’s low-code technology, which uses little to no custom code. The software is quick to launch and expand.

Centralize Offer Management
Marketing teams from every channel or division – landline, satellite, wireless, etc. – can use the same application to build commercial offers. Minimal training is needed.

Plus, the application features configurable workflows to make sure offers are approved prior to launch and all the required departments are notified.

The Commercial Catalog can serve as the Master Catalog for all rate plans

Build Offers with Point-and-Click Tools
Use an intuitive wizard to build your commercial offers. Start with an existing offer or build from scratch. It’s easy to set pricing, pick distribution channels, launch/expiry dates, offer rules and much more.

Set Pricing

  • Refer to external price lists
  • Establish price types: down-payment, monthly recurring, usage based, per-event, etc.
  • Build discounts
  • Use individual prices or an overall price for service bundles

Determine Offer Rules and Codes

  • Compose eligibility rules
  • Create the rating/billing codes – and interface with online charging and rating/billing
  • Set release and expiry dates

Establish pricing and discounts easily. Also add offer details

Select the channel that can sell the offer

Select Eligibility & Distribution Channel

Select where the offer will be distributed, Dealer or mass merchant, Retail, care, online, or any other channel created. Plus:

  1. Select Eligibility
  2. Select Release Dates
  • By segment, channel
  • Credit score
  • Longevity or value
  • 1st-time customer/winback, etc.
  • Months
  • Holidays
  • Specific dates
Design How Offer Appears Online
Choose how to present your offers in e-commerce stores, self-care portals, and other online venues. Select everything from the number of bullets and columns to which features get highlighted or bolded.
Validate Commercial & Financial Soundness
Prior to launching offers, check that all applicability, eligibility, and commercial rules are met.  Compare side-by-side with other offers. Also, validate ROI and financial feasibility.
It’s just as simple to create offers for SDN / NFV, broader digital services, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G data speeds as a rate plan.
Manage Offer Workflow and Lifecycle
Easily establish workflows to manage offer lifecycle:
Plus, software automatically alerts managers about their tasks associated with the offer
Monitor Offer Performance in Real-Time
Get real-time reports about offer take-rate, turn-down rate, penetration, and other factors
Integrate with Other Applications
The Commercial Catalog (Offer Management software) pulls all technical specifications directly from the company’s Product Catalog.  This ensures that offers meet all the eligibility requirements and reduces order fallout.
Aligns with TM Forum Frameworx

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