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Low-Code BSS Applications

Unlock Your Telecom Company’s Potential Now

Deliver services, offers, and the experiences your subscribers want.  Beesion has a wide range of applications to help telecom companies manage all their business operations. Everything from creating new rate plans, handling returned inventory, collecting past-due invoices, and much more. Beesion’s BSS applications rely on low-code technology. Each application is quick to launch and simple to change. In just minutes, you can make many GUI fixes or update processes.

BSS Applications for Every Department
Choose one application or several. Applications integrate easily with all your legacy systems, including B/OSS, ERP and CRM. Plus, launching applications is painless because there’s no downtime nor disruption of service.

BSS Applications for Retail,
Corporate and Mobile Sales

Enable Faster Sales Cycles

Beesion has applications designed to help your retail, care, and corporate teams close sales and enable faster sales cycles.

It also offers several solutions, including CPQ and Beesion POS Portal 360 to sell unlimited configurations of products and services or enhance the sales experience.

Queue Management

Improve store efficiency with an automated line queue that can also display customized promotional content.
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B2C Sales

Accelerate sales cycle time with better and more integrated sales tools, at your own retail stores or authorized reseller stores.
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Quote Management

Create and present multi-service/multi-product sales quotes online, In-store and through mobile apps.
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B2B Sales

Drive a broader pipeline and increase conversion rates with more effective presales and sales process tools integrated into your ordering system.
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POS Cashier

Accelerate sales cycle time with better and more integrated sales tools, at your own retail stores or authorized reseller stores.
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Mobile Sales

Increase your sales and upsell opportunities by making it easier for your subscribers to migrate or upgrade directly from their mobile device.
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BSS Applications for Customer Care

Serve Customers Better

Beesion has a wide range of applications to help your care teams serve customers better.  It also features an exceptional CRM solution, which provides a 360-degree customer view on every channel.

Subscriber Registry

Reduce customer service time and improve customer experience by unifying duplicate or ambiguous subscriber information.
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Mobile Self Care

Reduce your workload by enabling customers to address any rate plan, device, billing or other issue directly from their mobile device.
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Customer Care

View everything you need to know about the subscriber to upsell, retain, or address any customer issue – all from one screen.
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Quality of Mobile Experience

Detect connectivity issues, device health, and usage fraud, using data direct from the device
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Case Management

Track and manage customer issues efficiently. Resolve most tickets on the first call – via integration into the company’s knowledge base and to OSS connectivity management platforms.
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Contact Center

Improve customer satisfaction by standardizing faster, friendlier and more effective interactions through multiple channels.
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BSS Applications for Finance

Reduce Risk and Improve Profitability

With Beesion’s applications, you can help your teams reduce risk, improve profitability, and recover debt efficiently.

Credit Analysis

Control credit risk better by creating workflows for multiple credit profiles and likelihood to repay.
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Payments Management

Automate the monthly collection process among your multiple financial entities and collection channels and clear differences seamlessly.
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Commissions Management

Get the full commissions picture, with centralized reporting covering every team: retail rep, account executive, reseller, telesales, collections rep, agency and more.
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Collections Management

Recover the most, while disrupting the least. Consolidate customer debt information from multiple billing systems to create one treatment plan, reducing collections expenses and minimizing customer touches.
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BSS Applications for Marketing
to New Leads and Existing Customers

Innovate and Market Your Offers

Unlike other marketing software, Beesion’s applications are designed to market to existing customers.  Grow ARPU, communicate new offers, and much more

Product Catalog

Create an easily updated product catalog from multiple sources, including those housed in multiple billing systems – to enable more upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
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Loyalty Rewards

Manage, Track and Change Loyalty Programs – without IT Resources.
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Customer Communications Management

Coordinate communications from multiple departments, providing subscribers with a more consistent, and less intrusive, communications experience.
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Coupon Management

Distribute coupons via SMS, email, APP or QR code to existing customers or prospects – in multiple sales channels. Integrate with CRM and other systems to track redemption.
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Offer Management

Innovate fast by creating new offers and bundles with one or multiple discounts, financing, and other incentives.
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Send automated customer satisfaction, sales and services surveys (via SMS, Email and Voicemail) to get actionable suggestions.
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Marketing Campaigns

Create compelling email, SMS, MMS and others campaigns with an easy-to-use interface. Honor customer contact preferences.
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BSS Applications to Manage and Streamline Operations

Improve Operations and Reduce Fraud

Help your teams improve operations: everything from managing reverse logistics processes to managing inventory and warehouses.

Inventory Management

Track and manage all your inventory from one application.
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Reverse Logistics

Manage the recovery, repair and redistribution of handsets, modems, cards, routers and other equipment. Also manage reverse logistics processes for trade-ins, warranty claims, and disposals.
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Workforce Management

Identify available technicians in a few clicks, so you quickly can assist customers in need.
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Order Management

Streamline sales order processing: order entry, order analysis, order fulfillment and order control is all tightly integrated into one application.
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Quality of Service

Measure and track your IT team’s performance with a customizable tool to analyze and measure how well internal IT teams are meeting business demands.
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Document Management

Digitize subscriber documents for easy auditing, risk management and upsell opportunities.
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Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy