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Make Subscriber Payments Easy

Securely Collect & Apply Subscribers’ Payments

Plus, easily add telecom payments channels

Payments Management Software

Make Telecom Payments Easy for Everyone

Beesion’s Payments Management software makes it easy for carriers to collect subscribers’ payments, and even easier for subscribers to pay their bill.  The telecom payments software serves as the secure link between financial institutions and your billing system.

On a monthly basis, the software sends the subscribers’ monthly invoice amount to affiliated payment services, like PayPal. Once the subscriber makes the payment, it then posts it to his/her telecom accounts. The software also:

  • Enables new and convenient payments channels
  • Applies subscribers’ payments to all their accounts
  • Reconciles missing or misapplied payments and posts them to the right account
  • Manages autopay services for the customer base

The low-code software is quick to launch and update because it uses little to no custom code. It also complies with all the rules for the safe transfer of money.

Automates the Collection of Recurring Payments

Using batch transfer, the software sends each subscriber’s bank a file with the amount due. Once the subscriber pays the amount, the software uses a wide range of rules, parameters, and identifiers to match the payment to the account automatically.

A screen from Beesion's Telecom Payments Software

View subscribers’ payments collected at each location.
Also view whether they were successfully applied to subscribers’ accounts.

Apply Unattached Payments

Using a wide range of filters, analysts can apply unattached payments to the correct account. They can also view misapplied payments and manually reapply them to the correct account.

Enable New Payments Channels – Even Online

Retail stores, kiosks, and online sites can all be converted into collection points, where subscribers can safely pay their telecom bills. The software automatically sends subscribers’ bills to the channel, and then process any payments made there. With clicks, not code, administrators can even set rules about the type of payments accepted. For example, gas stations can only accept cash.

A screen showing payments locations for Beesion's Telecom Payments Software

View payments’ collection points and set all the rules.

Supports Online Bill Pay/Auto Pay

The software makes it easier for subscribers to pay their bill using the carrier’s self-service portals. It also manages every aspect of autopay services, including set-up, collection, and transfer. Subscribers can:

  • Split their payments for the month into installments
  • Schedule or change a date for auto pay
  • Pay part of an auto pay balance and automatically charge the remainder

Beesion’s telecom payments software complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) to protect cardholder data. It also supports ACH Direct Payments established by the NACHA.

For Past-Due Customers

The payments software will notify Beesion’s Collections Management software of any subscriber payments, and if justified, the collections software will reconnect service and close cases. The payments software will also inform Beesion Credit Analysis of customer payment patterns to deliver more predictive credit-risk scores

More Ways to Pay

Beesion’s telecom payments software also supports:

Payment Slips:

Create payment slips – such as a Boleto Bancario or Boleta de Pago in Latin America. Subscribers can pay these slips at any payments’ location. The software will transfer the payment directly to the subscribers’ accounts.


Enable telecom subscribers to pay their telecom bills when they log in to their ATM. The application will send the telecom invoice amount to affiliated area banks. Once a customer logs in, he will see the amount on the screen. The application will process any payments made. Software complies with SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) for transfers/exchanges

Reconciles Payments in Multiple Systems

Beesion sits in the middle of the payments’ lifecycle and is responsible for updating all the different systems – everything from the billing systems to operator bank accounts. It can even reconcile the General Ledger.

Beesion Payments Management Software Manages Payments’ Lifecycle

It supports three reconciliation processes:


It reconciles payment confirmations with fund transfers to the operator’s bank accounts.


It has a bidirectional connection with the billing system, which sends bills and updates to the Payments Software, while the software matches payments to subscriber accounts. (The software has tools to reconcile any missing, duplicated or misapplied payments).


If needed, Beesion can reconcile multiple GL accounts (revenue, receivables, etc.) with customer account activity in the billing system (bills, payments & adjustments). It can also reconcile activity in operator’s bank accounts with records in the GL.

Quick to Deploy and Expand

Software Sits on Top of Your Systems

There’s no downtime or disruption of services because Beesion’s Payments Management application sits on top of your systems, consolidating and orchestrating the data. Using a rich set of connectors, the suite connects to any legacy system, as well as Beesion applications.

Follows TM Forum Standards

All Beesion applications are built using TM forum standards (eTOM) for orchestrating product, customer, and service network information.

Uses Beesion’s Low-Code Platform

Unlike traditional software, Beesion’s applications require little to no code. All customization is done in runtime, with a set of graphical editors, including workflows, process templates, and editing tools. Plus, it’s easy to change the marketing applications, when requirements change.

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