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Customer Care Software with a 360-Degree Customer View

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Efficiently serve, upsell, and collect from telecom customers 

Resolve customer care issues quickly. With this low-code application, your team can view trouble tickets, bills, personal information, devices, purchases, and much more. It integrates seamlessly with your legacy systems and Beesion applications to provide a 360-degree customer view. Plus, it features more than 180 customer care processes, Change of SIM, Change of Number, Change of Modem, etc. More processes can be added easily. The application is the backbone of the company’s CRM: Customer Management 360° suite.

a 360-degree customer view allows working more efficiently


Respond Fast

With seamless integration to any system, reps can resolve billing and other issues quickly. All the needed information is available on one screen, making it easy address just about any issue on the first call. Plus reps get a 360-degree customer view.

with a 360-degree customer view you will be more aware of your customers' needs


Generate higher customer satisfaction scores because calls are shorter and more productive. With info at their fingertips, reps can easily address more than 180 customer care processes, including change of device, transfer balance, reissue invoice, change from post-paid to prep-paid, and much more.
analyze with a 360-degree customer view to improve decisions

View Trends Easily

Collect service-level performance by representative and call center. Use data to incentivize performance, identify best practices and set goals.

Customer Care with 360-Degree View

Get a 360-degree customer view 

  • Access accounts, bills, subscriptions, devices, personal information, credit, contracts, documents, notes and all interaction history
  • View post-paid, pre-paid, landline, satellite, cable TV, and broadband accounts, as well as media content, data centers, IoT, NFV/SDN and digital services (via Subscriber Accounts Consolidation)
  • Anticipate customer mood with satisfaction predictors and other indicators like value and churn risk, that can aid reps in calls
  • Get critical customer insights with charts showing data, social media, application, device, and voice usage

Take action

  • Resolve billing issues quickly, with seamless integration to billing systems
  • Address 180+ customer care processes including:
    Change of Device
    Report lost/stolen device
    Change of Phone Number
    Change of SIM card
    Change of Billing Address
    Change of Subscription Plans
    Much more
  • Expedite upgrades, renewals, service changes, extensions, additions, terminations (via integrated applications: CPQ, Advanced Shopping Cart)
  • Review claims, complaints, trouble tickets, promotions, surveys, loyalty points, collection cases, and launch actions (via corresponding application)
  • Remotely operate network commands like diagnosis and device resets, queries, flushes, and activations (via Service Provisioning)

Plus other features

Beesion applications are up to 5x quicker to install than traditional software development. That’s because Beesion pioneered a low-code platform where:






  • Little to no custom code is needed
  • Applications are configured in runtime, using visual tools and “in-memory” configuration
  • Integrations are quick, using a rich set of connectors

With the exception of the “analysis” phase, every phase of the software development lifecycle is significantly shorter.

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It doesn’t take long to update and modify Beesion’s low-code software applications. In fact, many modifications can be done in hours. Little to no custom code is needed.  Plus, changes can be made by anyone with a little technical know-how, including:

  • Business analysts
  • Marketing operations managers
  • Operations and IT employees

Each application is configured with visual tools, including:

All changes are done using “in-memory” runtime configuration. No compiling is needed.

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Integrates Quickly

Maximize the value of Beesion applications by integrating with other Beesion applications or third party solutions. Either way, integration is fast.
Customer Care works well with:

Enterprise-grade Architecture


Higly Configurable Decoupled Solutions


Optimized for High Volumes of Data and Users

Platform Independent

Deploy on Either Windows or Unix Environments


Support for Multi-Tenant Managed Environments


Proven, Strong and Multilevel; OWASP Inspired

Multi-Device UX

Rich Responsive Web and Mobile Applications


Designed to Run in Farmed or Virtualized Servers


Simpler Deployment and Environment Admin


Adapt to Regional Currency Requirements

Based on Open Standards

JS, HTML5, SOAP/REST, BPMN, SQL, ElasticSearch

Fault Tolerance

Quickly Recover After Unexpected Disruptions


Support Multiple Languages without Coding

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