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Know which subscribers have which telecom services

Create a Unified Customer Profile

Create a centralized registry of subscribers and all their subscriptions, contact info, services, resources, and much more.

Beesion’s Subscriber Registry

Multiple Databases & Multiple Subscriber Listings

With your company’s acquisitions and growth, subscriber information is listed in multiple billing and CRM systems, as well as legacy BSS.

There’s a lot of data duplication and ambiguity. Is Jane A. Smith, with post-paid wireless service, the same person as Jane Smith, with landline and satellite TV service? What about Jane Ann Smith with prepaid wireless?

There’s no centralized registry that holds all of a subscriber’s subscriptions, contact info, etc. And that impacts just about every department.

Get a Unified Customer View

Beesion’s Subscriber Registry creates a centralized registry of subscribers and all their subscriptions, contact information, services, resources, and much more.

The registry can be used for CRM systems, self-care systems, and as a master reference for all billing systems.

The result: a unified customer profile for each subscriber, no matter how often plans/devices change, accounts are added/deleted, or any other changes occur.

Moreover, the software is built with low-code software so it’s quick to launch and easy to update.

Application Creates a Master Subscriber Registry

Step 1

The application uses business rules and artificial intelligence to de-dupe subscriber information and uniquely identify each customer. It can address a wide range of name permutations, including misspellings.

Exceptions are also addressed and go through a manual de-dupe process.


Step 2

Once subscribers are uniquely identified, each subscriber is linked to his/her corresponding BSS accounts. A consolidated account is then created.

Large accounts and single accounts are also mapped accordingly.


Step 3

The application populates the newly consolidated account by importing service subscriptions. It also imports contact info, devices, and other info from the CRM.
Then, it maps subscription services and resources directly to the Enterprise Product Catalog. That way, when subscribers change plans, services, etc., the information is consistent.

Registry Has Consolidated Subscriber Data

View Registry Info in CRM

The registry lists the following information for every unique subscriber:

  • Identity and Demographics
  • Contact Info
  • Telecom Subscriptions
  • Services and Status
  • Enabled Devices
  • Assigned Resources
  • And much more

Customer Care representatives can access this info in a few clicks when the application is integrated with the CRM.

Use Registry for Marketing, Customer Service, Collections, Finance, Provisioning and Billing
Create more targeted cross-sell/upsell marketing campaigns.
Enable agents to negotiate a single payment play for all telecom debt in arrears, minimizing collections costs
No longer check multiple databases. All customer info is in one place, lowering call times and increasing customer satisfaction.
More concise reporting on churn, average usage, ARPU, etc.
Avoid service provisioning errors and reduce order fallout.
Serve as the single source of data for the Billing and Charging systems.
No Billing Conversion Required
With the application, carriers can still bill subscribers from multiple billing systems.

However, the application can serve as the Master Registry for a billing system, as well as a catalyst for future billing unification.

Quick to Deploy and Expand

Software Sits on Top of Your Systems

There’s no downtime or disruption of services because Beesion’s application suite sits on top of your systems, consolidating and orchestrating the data. Using a rich set of connectors, the suite connects to any legacy system, as well as Beesion applications.

Follows TM Forum Standards

All Beesion applications are built using TM forum standards (eTOM) for orchestrating product, customer, and service network information.

Uses Beesion’s Low-Code Platform

Unlike traditional software, Beesion’s applications require little to no code. All customization is done in runtime, with a set of graphical editors, including workflows, process templates, and editing tools. Plus, it’s easy to change the marketing applications, when requirements change.

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