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Simplify Product Management with Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog

Multiple deployment modes. Plus catalog is easy to update and expand

Mismatched Data Causes Order Fallout and Delays Go-to-Market Plans

Bringing a new product or service to market is complicated. It involves multiple processes – sales, inventory, order management, billing, and provisioning – that must talk to each other. Plus, all the data must be synchronized. Otherwise, the chances for order fall-out rise.

That’s why it’s critical to have a telecom product catalog that defines all products and services – from simple and concrete to complex and abstract – and ensures market readiness.

Beesion Creates a Single Source of Technical Truth. Enables Faster Innovation

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog provides a single source of “technical truth”, even if product definitions reside in third-party sites or billing systems.

Its open architecture enables a single, centralized master product catalog that synchronizes seamlessly with other B/OSS catalogs. Plus it can be deployed as a Master Enterprise Product Catalog, Subordinate Product Catalog or Hybrid Product Catalog.

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog harnesses the power of Beesion’s low-code platform. Changes are made with drop-and-drag tools, not custom code.

Eliminates Order Fallouts

Multiple Processes + Multiple Data = Multiple Errors

Beesion consolidates individual product catalogs and automatically updates all processes

Stores and Manages All Technical Definitions

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog serves as the master repository of all technical definitions for every product and services ever offered

The software features an easy-to-use web interface to create products and define their specifications, configurations, and business rules.

Plus, innovate enhanced or related products (and services) with a few keystrokes.

  • Reuse resource components, provisioning processes, and technical specifications from similar content
  • Clone tree structures of product specifications to create product families
  • Group common product specifications into reusable branches
  • Use inheritance rules to easily maintain complex product hierarchies
  • Leverage an intuitive wizard to simplify the creation of products, services, characteristics, and resources. Run integrity validations to make sure combinations are sound and applicability rules are followed

Shared Information Data Model (SID)

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog follows the TM Forum’s Shared Information Data Model (SID) to ensure flexible configuration and seamless downstream fulfillment of any product/service/bundle composition, present or future. The Information Framework also ensures compatibility and easy integration with other BSS/OSS that follow TM forum guidelines.

Enables Fast Commercialization

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog works directly with any Offer Management and Quote Management applications to commercialize products and services

Step 1: Configure Technical Aspects of Products and Services

Step 2: Configure Commercial Offer and Rules - Offer Management

Step 3: Validate Offer Integrity and Publish - Quote Management

Supports Multiple Modalities

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog offers a layer of support for different modes of operation and deployment.

Master Enterprise Product Catalog

As a Master Enterprise Catalog, products are defined in a multilevel hierarchy, consisting of products, services and resources. Integration to the Master is done directly through an API layer (SOA/REST) .

Icon for Master Enterprise Product Catalog

Subordinate Product Catalog

As a Subordinate Catalog, the Product Catalog integrates with external systems (i.e. Billing, Legacy Systems, Sales Systems Sales, Loyalty Rewards, ERP) and imports external definitions of products, services, and resources.

icon for Subordinate Telecom Product Catalog

Hybrid Product Catalog

As a Hybrid Catalog, externally defined products coexist with native products.

Icon for Hybrid Telecom Product Catalog

Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog: Multiple Benefits

Quicker Time-to-Market for New Products and Services

  • Virtually eliminates order fall-out from mismatched data or improper codes in associated systems
  • Enables future-readiness for SDN / NFV, broader digital services, Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G data speeds
  • Enables confident product launches. As part of the PLCM process, Beesion’s telecom product catalog performs cross-check validations to ensure that all applicability, eligibility, and any other technical or commercial rules are met prior to release
  • Simplifies building new product specifications. Uses an intuitive wizard to create products, services, characteristics, and resources. Runs integrity validations to make sure combinations are sound and applicability rules are followed.
  • Enables more effective sales and customer care interactions because teams can show associated collateral for any products, services, bundles, etc.

Open Architecture That Works With Your Legacy Systems

  • Open architecture that enables multiple modalities and a transition to an actual EPC. For example, use a hybrid catalog, where Beesion Product Catalog is the master EPC for everything, but import device price information from SAP and rate plans from the Billing System
  • Reduced cost of ownership. Use inheritance rules to easily maintain complex product hierarchies, eliminating duplication of work. Plus, manage a products’ entire lifecycle with a rich set of tools, included in the enterprise Product Catalog

Launches Fast and Uses Beesion’s Low-Code Platform

Software Sits on Top of Your Systems

There’s no downtime or disruption of services because Beesion’s Telecom Product Catalog sits on top of your systems, consolidating and orchestrating the data. Using a rich set of connections, the application connects to any legacy system, as well as Beesion applications.

Follows TM Forum Standards

All Beesion applications are built using TM forum standards (eTOM) for orchestrating product, customer, and service network information.

Uses Beesion’s Low-Code Platform

Unlike traditional software, Beesion’s applications require little to no code. All customization is done in runtime, with a set of graphical editors, including workflows, process templates, and editing tools. Plus, it’s easy to change the marketing applications, when requirements change.

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