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Manage, Calculate, and Automate Telecom Commissions

Use for telecom service prescreening, account monitoring and even debt collections efforts

Commissions Management

Easy-to-Update Telecom Commissions Management Software

Support any type of commission strategy, no matter how often it changes.  The application has a broad range of tools to centralize, calculate, and automate telecom commissions, bonuses, and other incentives.

  • Calculate an unlimited combination of commissions
  • Address large volumes of transactions for thousands of concurrent users
  • Handle multi-party commissions, with cross-compensation requirements, where credits and charges are owed simultaneously.
  • Scale easily

Plus, it’s future ready for any service or business model created by IoT and 5G. It can calculate and automate multi-party commissions, with cross-compensation requirements, when credits and charges are owed simultaneously.

With Beesion’s low-code functionality, administrators can easily update rules and parameters as well as the data object model. Minimal to no custom code is required.

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Calculate Multiple Types of Commissions and Change Them on the Fly

Support Any Type of Commission

  • Support standard and tiered commissions, as well as referrals, bonuses, and management objectives
  • Calculate commissions on a per-transaction basis or aggregated rule. Even add a kicker for a milestone achieved
  • Pay partial commissions for very large volumes of transactions. Also, establish commissions for a new version of an existing product or service (i.e. higher data speeds)
  • Automatically handle reversed transactions and all individual and aggregate commission compensations
  • View and calculate commissions for multi-level account structures, like Agency – Agent, or Channel – Reseller – Branch – Agent

Eliminate Surprises

  • Simulate and compare commission models to assess their impact on the financials

Change Commission Easily
Without Custom Code

Change Rules, Data Models, Reports, Workflows

  • Change commission’s rules and parameters using simple tables and formula editors
  • With clicks, not code import new or additional data, and redesign the commissions’ report
  • For example, add an incentive to sell a cable sports package, on top of a services bundle. In minutes, change the data model, APIs, and the commissions summary statement
  • Update workflows to accommodate new teams or systems, using drag-and-drop tools

Integrate with Multiple Systems for Greater Accuracy

  • Integrate with any BSS/OSS component, plus any HR/ERP or Finance software, using Beesion’s wide range of tested connectors
  • Get real-time transaction information from any system to calculate commissions accurately

Enable 1000s of Users to Check Commissions Simultaneously

With Beesion’s secure portal, 1000s of users can check commissions from any web-enabled device, either desktop or mobile (IoS and Android).
Plus, users can users can trigger a dispute process to review calculated and liquidated commissions or even request a clarification. All with one click.
No hablas inglés? No problem. The software features multi-currency and multi-language configuration – all user interfaces are set at the user level.

Calculate Commissions for Multi-Parties Providing a Digital Service

Support IoT and 5G Services

Calculate and pay commissions to multiple parties bringing a digital service to market, such as a partnership between a wireless carrier and car maker to provide connected car services.

The Telecom Commissions Management Software can calculate charges and credits owed simultaneously and address cross-compensation scenarios. It can also establish payment plans for accrued commissions and charges. Using the connected car example, three scenarios are possible:

  1. A car company can bill the customer for the wireless usage/activation and pass the commission to the wireless carrier.
  2. Or, the wireless carrier can bill the customer and compensate the car maker.
  3. Or, both parties can sell and bill the customers and settle their cross-compensations monthly.

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Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy