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Detect Connectivity Issues, Device Health, and Usage Fraud

Get detailed data from the device

Quality of Experience

Sometimes, Data and the Customers’ Experience Isn’t Aligned

  • Network monitoring software says coverage is strong, yet the customer dropped a call
  • Or, the subscriber says his data usage was less than what was billed. But something doesn’t look right

This mismatch between data and the subscribers’ experience often translates into prolonged customer care calls. It also can result in undeserved credits.

At the same time, misaligned or incomplete data can hide the true customer experience and hurt the carriers’ reputation with its corporate clients.

Get the Full Picture of the Customers’ Experience

With Beesion’s Quality of Mobile Experience application, carriers get highly detailed data about the customers’ connectivity experience, device health, and data usage.

The mobile app, which can be pre-loaded into the device’s firmware, transmits data about dropped calls, signal strength, failed call attempts and much more.  The software complements network monitoring data, helping you better manage SLAs, issue credits appropriately, and serve customers better.

The application also provides insight into potentially fraudulent activity, such as 1) changes to the device firmware 2) device unlocking, and 3) questionable SIM card exchanges.

Intuitive dashboards and reports display the devices’ information in a standalone web application or the software can be integrated with your CRM. Importantly, the software uses Beesion’s low-code platform.

Collect Data Directly from the Device
Then View Info on Dashboards

The Quality of Mobile Experience mobile app sits inside customers’ devices, automatically transmitting data about the customers’ connectivity experience and data usage. It interfaces with multiple solutions, including the carrier’s CRM suite. It can be downloaded or pre-loaded into devices’ firmware.

The app is lightweight. Only a few megabytes. Both iOS and Android versions are available.
The application collects information daily, even if the user never uses the reporting interface.

View Network Performance from the Customers’ Perspective

The software tracks customers’ dropped calls, signal strength, failed call attempts, and much more, pinpointing connectivity problems often missed by other network monitoring software. Reports and dashboards in the web-based application are easy to read and require no technical training. They are accessible by any browser.

Heat maps to show network performance, signal strength and the number of measurements.

  •  Bad (red) :  -100 to -150 dBms
  •  Regular (yellow) : -51 to -100 dBms
  •  Good (blue) : 0  to -50 dBms

Modify dBm values easily. Show signal performance with easy-to-read heatmaps.

Plus, Manage SLAs and
Credits More Efficiently

  • Manage SLAs better, knowing exactly how the network performs where your VIPs make calls
  • Issue credits for dropped calls more accurately. With CRM integration, view the subscriber’s usage data in conjunction with his entire account profile
  • Proactively reach out to corporate clients about weak signal strength
  • Share device-based data with tech teams to make operational adjustments

Give Subscribers a Voice

With Beesion’s Quality of Mobile Experience app, subscribers can take an active role in improving their experience. With a few clicks, they can instantly report whether there’s no signal, internet, nor text messages, or other network problems. The types of events can be customized.
Subscribers can discover problems well before your network teams find them.

If the subscriber doesn’t choose to report, the information will still be collected automatically.

Get Device Info, Stats and Location

Device Statistics

Detect the operating system version, battery performance, memory and other performance statistics. Use data for upselling opportunities or enhanced service.
Fleet Locations
For corporate accounts, use the applications’ functionality to track your representatives whereabouts.

Click on a representative and see where he or she is located.

Identify Potential Data Usage Fraud

View whether a user has altered the device’s internal data usage statistics in an attempt to dispute his/her bill.
Track each time the SIM card has changed devices, as well as when the device has changed SIM cards. Also, identify whether the devices have the Quality of Mobile Experience application, or whether they have been uninstalled.

For corporate accounts

  • View the data usage for each line – and identify whether users exceeded data plan amounts with non-work related applications, like YouTube.
  • Plus, with CRM integration, view the subscriber’s usage data in conjuction with his entire account profile.

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Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024, Beesion, All right reserved. | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy