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Beesion Releases Next Generation of Low-Code Telecom Commissions Software

Handles Sales Commissions for IoT and 5G Services, Such as Connected Cars

Ft. Lauderdale FL, December 21, 2017–Beesion, the pioneer of low-code telecom software, has released the next generation of its telecom commissions management software with functionality to calculate sales commissions for IoT and 5G services.

The software release can calculate charges and credits owed simultaneously and address cross-compensation scenarios, often used when multiple parties work together to provide a digital service, like a connected car.

“The new release can support any type of multilateral business relationship where there are bidirectional credits and charges to settle,” said Gustavo Merchan, Beesion CMO. ‘It works exceptionally well for new digital services for 5G and IoT, including infotainment systems, concierge services, connected cars, and much more.”

The software has a rating engine to calculate both charges and credits owed. It then settles the difference and applies compensation to the different partners.

Say, for example, a wireless carrier partners with a car manufacturer to offer wireless connectivity, or a connected car. The car maker can bill the customer for the wireless usage/activation and pass the sales commission to the wireless carrier. Or, the wireless carrier can bill the customer and compensate the car maker. Or, both can sell and bill the customers, and settle their cross-compensations monthly.

“Our software can address any of these scenarios, as well as others.” Merchan said.

Beesion’s in-memory, low-code technology lets users make changes to every aspect of the sales commissioning strategy without custom code.

Using simple graphical tools, application administrators can amend or expand the data model, add APIs, and add new fields in the commissions’ report.

This lets telcos easily create sales commissions for any new products, as well as enhancements to existing products or services. For example, a telco may pay a commission on a bundle of services – landline, cable, and wireless – and then later add an incentive to sell a cable sports package.

“New criteria to a commissionable sale often requires multiple code changes,” Merchan said. “Beesion can make most changes in minutes, using its low-code platform.”

Beesion’s telecom commissions management software is used by Tier 1 telcos to manage commissions for collections agents, agencies, sales teams, management and other teams.

Learn more about Beesion’s Telecom Commissions software.

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