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Why use a low-code BSS platform?

Low-Code Software vs Legacy Systems

To compete in todays’ digital services
marketplace, CSPs need to react in real time.
They can’t leave money on the table when
demand surges, or lose a high-value
subscriber because of a one-size-fits-all return policy.
Their software must react to real-time triggers and make pricing, policy, and business rules adjustments on the fly.

Legacy Bss Systems
Can’t Change Fast.

But A Low-code Bss Can.
Plus, It Can Change The Rules In

What is Low-Code Software?

“Platforms that enable rapid delivery of business applications minimal with a minimum of hand-coding and upfront investment in setup, training and deployment”

Forrester 2014

In short...


Low-Code for BSS

is a great fit for BSS Solutions which require lots of customization, multiple integrations, constant changes, and the ability to handle large volumes of  transactions, securely, and with 99.999% uptime.

And, Low-code Helps Bss Systems Do Their Job Infinitely Better:


Managing Subscriber Issues and
Improving CX


Introducing New Revenue Models
& Sources


Fulfilling Orders & Managing
Operational Costs


Creating Products and Launching


Managing Risk and Collecting


Driving ARPU

The Only Low-Code
Platform for BSS

BSS systems up to 5x quicker to launch, support, and expand. Plus, it’s the only low-code platform proven by Tier 1 CSPs.

Change the
software to
meet business
Not the other way

New products, policies, and ideas can be
implemented quickly because all the
critical pieces can be changed on the fly:

  • User Interfaces
  • Workflows
  • Business Rules
  • Business Logic

With Beesion, Innovate Fast and Sharpen Your Edge


Change pricing real time, to take advantage of surges or weaknesses in demand


Introduce new business
models, like pay-as-you-go.

Change the rules for high-value customers on the fly. Plus update all the interfaces, as well as the downstream processes, so the new offer or rule is carried out seamlessly.

Incorporate AI and analytics to
improve processes

Can your legacy BSS do all that?
If not, better hope your subscribers
like the same old service.