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Improve Collections, Reduce Agency Costs, And Enhance The Customer Experience?

The Debtors’ Self-Pay Portal

enables debtors to make
payments, establish payment
plans and confirm their
information.  On their time,
wherever they are.

All Debt.
All At One Glance.

With the debtors’ self-pay
portal, subscribers can pay a
single telecom debt, or
consolidated debt from
multiple telecom services
(wireless, landline, cable,
internet). Bill history and other
supporting information is
available with a click.

Benefits Both Subscribers and Companies


  • Empower subscribers to solve their debt issues in private.
  • Eliminate embarrassing calls at work or elsewhere.
  • Use portal anywhere, even on a mobile phone.

Telecom Companies

  • Shorten collection cycles on telecom account balances.
  • Reduce collection agency commissions and shrink mailing costs.

Pay And Go

Subscribers need to make at least one payment to set up a payment plan. Payments are automatically applied to the subscribers’ account(s). Service will be restored immediately, if it had been shut off. Incentives, interest rates, and financing terms are all configurable.

Multiple Payment Options

The software determines several payment options, based on
the subscriber’s credit, payment history, and other factors.

No Pay: No Service

If the subscriber doesn’t pay on time, the account is deactived
(subject to the carrier’s rules).

Reminders Are Automated

The software sends reminder text messages with a link to the
debtors’ self-pay portal.


The Debtors’ Self-Pay Portal uses multiple Low-Code software applications, including Beesion’s Collections  Management Software, Beesion’s Credit Analysis Software and Beesion’s Payments Application.

It launches up to 5x quicker because it uses little to no custom code.