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MVNOs Can Leapfrog Legacy Technology with a Low-Code BSS

Launch Quickly and Deliver Differentiated IoT and Cloud-Based Services

Ft. Lauderdale FL, June 15, 2017— MVNOs that are trying to break into today’s IoT-connected marketplace and tomorrow’s 5G world can ramp up quickly and deploy new services with a low-code Business Support System (BSS) from Beesion.

By so doing, MVNOs can essentially leapfrog existing BSS software applications that are hard to update and time-consuming to change.

“Our low-code BSS will help MVNOs launch quickly and deliver highly differentiated IoT and cloud-based services, including AR/VR video gaming on demand, connected car, and much more. This will help them compete effectively in a marketplace full of me-too plans,” Gustavo Merchan, Beesion CMO.

Beesion’s low-code platform uses little to no hand coding. Workflows, interfaces, business rules and logic are visually configured. BSS software applications – used for monetizing services, creating products, managing subscriber accounts, and other back-office functions – are often rolled out in months.

In fact, critical software applications, like Product Catalog, Order Management, Offer Management, Collections, and others launch up to 5x quicker than traditional development because there’s minimal hand coding.

Ancillary applications, like Campaign Marketing, Mobile Sales, Mobile Self-Service and others, can be developed using a minimal-viable-product (MVP) strategy. Then, the business team can fine-tune the application, as it gets real-time feedback from Artificial Intelligence or social media analytics.

This is critical for today’s fast-paced marketplace, where dynamic pricing is needed. Say, for example, social media analytics indicate a softening in demand for a product, especially in a specific region, the price could be lowered automatically, with all downstream processes configured in unison.

Or, with a connected car application, the BSS will know how to bill, manage, and deliver self-driving options, concierge services, and video-on-demand services.

With Beesion’s low-code BSS, business rules, user interfaces, and workflows can change on the fly, enabling real-time, event driven services and pay-as-you-go business models.

In addition, MVNOs don’t have to scour the bushes looking for coding talent in a tight IT marketplace. They can instead use non-coders to adjust applications in runtime, using Beesion’s drag-and-drop tools.

“This makes innovation easier because it puts tools in the hands of the business,” Merchan said.

About Beesion

Beesion is the pioneer of low-code telecom BSS. The 14-year-old, global company offers more than 30 low-code applications to help telecom companies manage, monetize, and monitor their offerings. Applications can be deployed on cloud or on-premise with carrier-grade service. Learn more about Beesion at www.beesion.com

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