Boost Telecom Collections

Collect More, Intrude Less

Recover the most while disrupting your subscribers the least. Beesion’s telecom Collections Management software features a suite of tools to address each phase of the recovery process: preventive, early delinquency, advanced delinquency, and legal stage. The low-code application seamlessly connects with multiple systems, including predictive dialers, letter vendors, credit bureaus, and payment processing gateways. Plus, it integrates with billing systems to automatically restrict, disconnect, or restore telecom service. Changing processes or vendors is easy too, thanks to the low-code software.


Deliver personalized treatments to recover the most telecom debt – at all stages of the debt collection cycle.

Reduce Collections Expense

Consolidate customer debt information – from multiple telecom services – to create one treatment plan, reducing collections expenses and minimizing customer touches.


Decrease exposure with predictive analytics that identifies at-risk customers. Also, segment customers by risk. Build plans to address each segment.

Feature-Rich Application. Quick to Launch and Modify

Reduce DSO (Days of Sales Outstanding)

  • Prevent and anticipate delinquency using predictive analysis
  • Deliver personalized treatments to recover the most, while disrupting the least
  • Get a better managerial view of debt collections for improved operational decisions

Reduce Churn by payment defaulting

  • Automate early delinquency notifications and service interruptions
  • Offer payment plans, enabling collectors with negotiation tools
  • Minimize risk of disconnection

Reduce cost of Debt Recovery

  • Simplify operations in early delinquency, late delinquency, and legal collections
  • Control commissions and manage collections costs and charges
  • Automate interoperations with accounting, financial, credit and BSS/OSS systems

Improve customer experience and maintain brand perceptions

  • Consolidate customer debt, reducing expenses and minimizing customer touches
  • Differentiate treatment by customer type & payment behavior
  • Personalize multi-channel communications according to customer preferences

Beesion applications are up to 5x quicker to install than traditional software development. That’s because Beesion pioneered a low-code platform where:

  • Little to no custom code is needed
  • Applications are configured in runtime, using visual tools and “in-memory” configuration
  • Integrations are quick, using a rich set of connectors

With the exception of the “analysis” phase, every phase of the software development lifecycle is significantly shorter.


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It doesn’t take long to update and modify Beesion’s low-code software applications. In fact, many modifications can be done in hours. Little to no custom code is needed.  Plus, changes can be made by anyone with a little technical know-how, including:

  • Business analysts
  • Marketing operations managers
  • Operations and IT employees

Each application is configured with visual tools, including:

All changes are done using “in-memory” runtime configuration. No compiling is needed.

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Integrates Quickly

Maximize the value of Beesion applications by integrating with other Beesion applications or third-party solutions. Either way, integration is fast. Beesion’s telecom Collections Management application works well with:

Customer Care

Customer Communications Management

Document Management

Billing & Rating Solution

Enterprise-grade Architecture


Higly Configurable Decoupled Solutions


Optimized for High Volumes of Data and Users

Platform Independent

Deploy on Either Windows or Unix Environments


Support for Multi-Tenant Managed Environments


Proven, Strong and Multilevel; OWASP Inspired

Multi-Device UX

Rich Responsive Web and Mobile Applications


Designed to Run in Farmed or Virtualized Servers


Simpler Deployment and Environment Admin


Adapt to Regional Currency Requirements

Based on Open Standards

JS, HTML5, SOAP/REST, BPMN, SQL, ElasticSearch

Fault Tolerance

Quickly Recover After Unexpected Disruptions


Support Multiple Languages without Coding