Quality of Experience

Get Network Feedback Fast

Give your wireless subscribers the opportunity to provide real-time feedback about your network performance. With Beesion’s low-code software, you can provide an interactive portal for subscribers to report services issues anywhere, anytime. Plus, you can collect data about applications and features used, helping you make more informed decisions about the customer experience.


Improve customer satisfaction by giving customers a non-intrusive way to voice what needs to be improved.

to Problems

Identify network problems and create a plan to address – before they escalate into serious customer service issues.


Increase customer trust by incorporating network performance and SLAs into corporate contracts.

Feature-Rich Application. Quick to Launch and Modify

  • Check network parameters (quality, signal, download speed)
  • Identify the apps and equipment features that subscribers use
  • Provide an interactive tool for subscribers to file reports about their service perceptions
  • Measure usage time of the device and its applications
  • Obtain customizable reports (errors, network % 2G/3G/4G, devices used per client type, volume of incidents per region or device model…)
  • Provide a mechanism to establish SLA ‘s about network performance and service for corporate clients and VIPs

Beesion applications are up to 5x quicker to install than traditional software development. That’s because Beesion pioneered a low-code platform where:


  • Little to no custom code is needed
  • Applications are configured in runtime, using visual tools and “in-memory” configuration
  • Integrations are quick, using a rich set of connectors

With the exception of the “analysis” phase, every phase of the software development lifecycle is significantly shorter.

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It doesn’t take long to update and modify Beesion’s low-code software applications. In fact, many modifications can be done in hours. Little to no custom code is needed.  Plus, changes can be made by anyone with a little technical know-how, including:

  • Business analysts
  • Marketing operations managers
  • Operations and IT employees

Each application is configured with visual tools, including:

All changes are done using “in-memory” runtime configuration. No compiling is needed.

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Integrates Quickly

Maximize the value of Beesion applications by integrating with other Beesion applications or third party solutions. Either way, integration is fast.
Quality Of Experience works well with:

Mobile Self-Care

Enterprise-grade Architecture


Higly Configurable Decoupled Solutions


Optimized for High Volumes of Data and Users

Platform Independent

Deploy on Either Windows or Unix Environments


Support for Multi-Tenant Managed Environments


Proven, Strong and Multilevel; OWASP Inspired

Multi-Device UX

Rich Responsive Web and Mobile Applications


Designed to Run in Farmed or Virtualized Servers


Simpler Deployment and Environment Admin


Adapt to Regional Currency Requirements

Based on Open Standards

JS, HTML5, SOAP/REST, BPMN, SQL, ElasticSearch

Fault Tolerance

Quickly Recover After Unexpected Disruptions


Support Multiple Languages without Coding