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New Mobile Self-Care Application Delivers More Options for Telecom Subscribers, Enhancing Satisfaction
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Sept. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/— Beesion Technologies, LLC, a provider of Business Support System software, has released a powerful, yet easy-to-use, mobile self-care application that enables carriers to better serve their subscribers, and thus enhance customer satisfaction.

The app enables wireless subscribers to easily manage their account; upgrade to new plans and even purchase additional services. It works on any device with Internet access.

“Our Mobile Self-Care application allows subscribers greater flexibility to address their ever-changing usage and service needs. We believe this important functionality will translate into higher customer satisfaction, greater loyalty and ARPU for the carriers that deploy it.”
Omar Merchan, CEO and founder of Beesion.

The Mobile Self Care app – like all of Beesion’s software solutions – sits on top of a carriers’ existing infrastructure, so there’s no downtown or disruption of service.

It’s implemented in months, not years, using Beesion’s unique software framework that eliminates most custom development, and instead, relies on pre-built software modules.

The Mobile Self-Care app plugs into a carrier’s existing systems – billing, rating, customer care, and others – via secure REST/SOAP technologies.

With the app, subscribers can self-manage a wide range of service subscription settings and features. They can:

  • Check their account status, service plan and current balance
  • Dispute usage or other charges and track the resolution process
  • Change auto-pay subscriptions and payment methods
  • Check service subscription of their account and dependent accounts
  • Upgrade service subscriptions for their account and dependent accounts
  • Enable or disable services for their account and dependent accounts
  • Request additional service lines
  • Convert mobile prepaid into postpaid plan
  • Check their loyalty rewards program account and redeem points.

The Mobile Self-Care app can be implemented as a standalone application or part of a suite of Beesion solutions. All Beesion applications comply with TM Forum standards.

About Beesion

Beesion is the pioneer of low-code telecom software. It has deployed low-code CRM, Mobile POS and CPQ solutions for the world’s top multi-network carriers, across 20 countries. Learn more about Beesion at www.beesion.com

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